What are the best walking shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

You have heard of being a pain in the neck, Well, there is a pain in the foot as well and it is called plantar fasciitis. It is usually felt around the heel of your foot and can cause you a lot of pain and it may cause you a few problems if you tear it or stretch it too much.

The best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis you will love it
The best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis you will love it.

Today I made this post to share with you based in my own experience and research what are the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. I also made a selection of 5 of them and i’m very sure you will love it!

The shoes that are used daily and especially those we use for walking have to meet some requirements to keep our feet healthy. The idea is in this case that the shoes can prevent us from suffering from plantar fasciitis and if we already have it, they can help us alleviate the pain in the feet.

To cite some example, shoes of a high average quality are highly recommended by specialists because they are made with materials that do not transpire.

Those that are made with synthetic materials will make our feet as well as sweat more can cause discomfort or pain.

Tips to choose the right walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Here i give you some tips to choose the right shoes for walking and avoid the Plantar Fasciitis or if you already have it to relieve the pain that this condition produces.

1. The shoes you are going to choose has to be not flat at all.

You must choose a shoe that gives us the balance perfect between safety and rest and also help relieve pain in the feet.

2. The footwear must ensure that either leather or textile is of high quality and that its shape is anatomical to help in the tread.

It is also important to consider position of the feet and that be the most natural possible.

3. You have to be able to change the insole that the shoe or footwear brings from factory.

The fact of being able to remove the insole with which the footwear comes will allow you to increase the hygiene eliminating the bacteria that can cause bad odor, and very important, you could use insoles for plantar fasciitis or some insoles much more focused on solving other problems in your feet .

Ok, now i am going to recommend some of the walking shoes that I use and whose recommendation I also make because before buying them I have researched to know if they really help me with my plantar fasciitis, and from experience I tell you that they are formidable.

There is hope. I have found great shoes that are perfect for those times your plantar fasciitis acts up. These help support my feet and arch when I need it most. That is why you should try a pair of these great shoes when your plantar fasciitis acts up

The 5 Best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

I made a selection for both men and women of 5 best shoes to choose the one you like the most. There are more shoes out ther in the market, but these, without a doubt, are the best according to my experience and what I have researched.

1. Orthofeet Women’s Plantar Fasciitis Coral Sneakers

I can wear these black and white shoes with just about any clothes I like to wear on a daily basis. Plus, their lightweight and air cushion insoles make sure I do not feel the harsh impact of each step I take.

Also, what I like about them is that the orthotic insole comes with firm arch support and works with the cushioned heel to protect my feet as I walk. Then the mesh uppers allow my feet to breathe easily.

Once I put these shoes on I felt the difference. The joint support made sure I could walk normally and put a little spring into my step. They sure helped to alleviate my pain when I walked.

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Pros and Cons

Air cushion insoles
Wide toe box for extra comfort
Foam padding in the interior

Only good for walking
Not good for long term walking
They may pinch a little


2. Clarks Women’s Cloud Steppers Slip-On Loafer

 There are those days I just like to forget tying and slip on a pair of comfortable shoes. This pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis works well when I am in that mood. Not only do they slip on fast, their synthetic sole keeps me from slipping on wet surfaces.

Also, the padded collar and lightweight keeps my heels from feeling any pain. Couple that with the removable soft orthotic insole, my feet find relief from the pain that comes from plantar fasciitis.

Then the shock absorbing feature cut down on any impact I felt when I stepped on hard surfaces. The great color selection allowed me to find the right pair for my daily wardrobe.

Pros and Cons

Soft cushioned insole
Shock absorbing construction
Padded collar for comfort

May not be durable enough
A very tight feet
There may be no give in the elastic construction material


3. Skechers Sport Women’s Breathe Easy Sneaker

I do not know abut you, but when my plantar fasciitis acts up, I need comfort all around my foot. I found that the rubber sole on this pair of shoes to protect my heel as I walked. It absorbed a lot of the impact when I took a step.

Also, at these times, I do not like a lot of weight on my foot. The mesh uppers on this pair of shoes cuts the weight down providing me with relief as I walk. Then the removable insole allowed me to wash them and keep my feet and shoes odor free.

Plus, I found the interior foam padding to be exactly what I needed. It gave me a soft place to put my feet and kept me comfortable as I went about my business. The tread gave me great traction and I felt sure footed all day long.

Pros and Cons

Great tread & traction
Rubber sole for impact absorbing
Lightweight and comfortable to wear

Hard to find the right size
Loose fit around the heel
Lack of arch support


4. Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar

One thing I like in a shoe is leather. These shoes are all leather and provided me with the support needed as I walked. The leather looks good as well. Then a rubber toe area gave me the durability I was looking for in a good plantar fasciitis shoe.

Plus, the rubber sole not only absorbed impacts, it gave me great traction even over slippery surfaces. I could walk confidently and without pain. Once I put them on, I felt like a superstar. I had confidence that y feet were well protected.

As they should be as the padded interior and good insole provided the comfort ad relief from pain I needed to concentrate on my work. The lace up style made sure the shoes were securely on my feet.

Pros and Cons

Solid leather construction
Padded interior
Good rubber soles and traction

A little narrow in fit
Some quality construction issues
Long break in time

5. Skechers Performance Men’s Walking Shoe

When my plantar fasciitis acts up, I need more arch support than normal. These shoes came through for me. Their arch support was firm but not overpowering. Then the bamboo insole was a stroke of genius as that material cuts down on foot odor.

Once I got the shoes on, I felt the uniquely designed rubber sole cushion my footsteps keeping me from feeling more pain. It also gave me great traction every time I took a step.

Another thing I liked about this shoe was its lightweight. The mesh upper let my feet breathe without weighing them down.

Pros and Cons

Very lightweight
Comfortable & supportive
Impact absorbing rubber soles

Very narrow fit
Can be quite noisy as you walk
Not as good as previous models of this shoe

Video How To Select a Walking Shoe

In this video you can see how to choose or select a good walking shoes

What are the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. Conclusion.

You need to treat your feet like royalty. They are the only pair you get and when they ache, you need a great pair of shoes to give them relief from what ails them. I like the 5 shoes mentioned above because they helped me treat my feet well.

I got support, comfort, good traction as well as lightweight. Having light shoes made it easier for me to walk even when I was in pain. I also get the style. These shoes complement my wardrobe and keep me looking sharp.

You can’t beat a good pair of shoes like these for plantar fasciitis then now you know What are the best walking shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

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