Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis | Comfortable Flip Flops with Arch Support

It is understandable that even though you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you want to feel comfort and freshness in your feet, maybe show them, for these reasons and more, the flip flops are the best option.

It is amazing the number of shoes and sandals or flip flops that are currently available on the market and suitable for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

We bring the solution to your feet with this fabulous selection that can also be used to help improve the condition of pain in the heels.

In this article you can find the best options of flip flops available in the market to the plantar fasciitis. I will show you below my recommendation to use it and also what are the best flip flops for the plantar fasciitis today.

Enjoy with your friends and especially with your feet cool and comfortable using the ones that you like.

Some of the main benefits of using flip flops.

The flip flops are an ideal aid for your aching bows depending on which one you choose. Always look for the required support for the ankle and arch.

These, like the shoes in the house, offer us important benefits:

  • Arch support mainly on those occasions when shoes are not an option, like when you go to the beach, go shopping, etc.
  • They have more breathability than shoes or sneakers.
  • By using them you avoid wearing your shoes.
  • It is ideal for use outside and inside the house.
  • You can use them at any point.

best flip flop for plantar fasciitis


Our recommendations for choosing the appropriate flip flops:


1- Always seeks the arch support. The ones that are flat it is not recommended!

You should always be the first consideration when looking for footwear and to be the flip flops for plantar fasciitis this double must be considered.

In most cases the flip flops are built as if they were tables with belts, are plane and hard, are so to speak a few mobile platforms more than a footwear, this really that could ruin your day at the beach.

It is unlikely that flip-flops regular work for those who have plantar fasciitis. But best of all is that as a solution are the arch shpport and this are the that we should seek and buy.

Plantar fasciitis arch support. Our recommendation is the Tide Slide of Orthaheel.

If you look the arch support of these flip flops really are like a mountain to prevent your feet suffer or be flat.

2- Outline

The Outline is directly related to the arch support; if your flip flop is flat this is not convenient.

Looking for a shoe more interesting. The flip flops should ensure that the toes of the feet are up and a heel slightly higher than that of the sole of the foot (Of course, this does not mean that you are using a high-heeled sandal something).

If you have you communicated with your podriata will know that high heels you can aggravate or even cause plantar fasciitis.)

Flip flops Crocs for plantar fasciitis. Although some believe it or not, the Crocs Capri V are one of the best option for your feet when you want to feel comfort and freedom in addition to showing them.

What are the benefits, advantages of using them, and we show you the best selection in the market. is a great example of the type of most confortable flip flops for your feet.

You will know because we give this recommendation when you try this footwear and experience the way the model conforms to the natural curves of the bottom of the foot. The setting only will do wonders for your pain.

3- Deep Heel Cup

The heel is the key if you want to walk without pain when you have plantar fasciitis.

It is important that the foot is placed correctly every time to prevent stress the plantar fascia, we do not want the heel to move or move and dried tears in the ligament soft

definitely that a cup in the heel will help to avoid the ondulacian that can aggravate your condition.

Vionic Tide II  is a excellent flip flop and is of the Orthaheel brand stands out because it has the best collection of flip flops for plantar fasciitis.

If the footwear suits you, use it, even if you want something a little more feminine.  This flip flop comes in black and is very smart, and you will realize that your heel cup is unbeatable.


4- Absorb the impact

The absorption of impact on your steps is an element that you should not overlook when buying your flip flops and this apart from hollowing the heel.

You should look for a thick heel and you should make sure that it is smooth.

The elasticity complemented with firm support is part of what determine the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis condition.

I previously recommended the Vionic Tide II which is a model of the ideal for a heel support and if you look closely this is a flip flop thong that is a fantastic and elegant option for your feet.

Nothing like removing the pressure of a whole day walking on the beach with the right flip flops, and without a doubt that with the variety of models to choose from you will not even remember that you are wearing orthotic flip flops for plantar fasciitis.


5- Nice foot straps

Your foot should never slip by the flip flops, and for this to happen we know that it is almost impossible in shoes that do not have support.

We must tell the truth and it is that walking with shoes without ankle support can be a big challenge when you have some condition in your feet.

However, when choosing flip flops with tight straps for the feet, you will surely have a pleasant time on your walk.

I can recommend the Therafit Suzie Sandals, these are some sandals with thick and padded straps with a large number of top models to select. These sandals are not necessarily pool shoes but they are not for pool, this will depend on how sophisticated you can be.

To get some flip-flops that fit you really look at the leather sandals from Therafit Suzie, you’ll love it.


Watch this video explaining the Vionic Tide II Flip Flops


There are many options of flip flops for plantar fasciitis and a large amount of user testimonials for you to choose according to your preference.

And even though these sandals do not always offer the best support for the entire foot, most are so tight that there is not even a slip when you walk which shows that they fit very well on your foot. That’s the reason i love my selection here to talk about comfortable flip flops with arch suppport.

Do not forget that your treatment plan to eliminate the pain of your feet should be focused on supporting them always.

It means that you can spend the day with orthopedic work shoes or for those who prefer to wear comfortable shoes for arch support.

Treating your feet well is important and you will always see good results. Enjoy!

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